SDI-12 bus scan code

In case you need to diagnose your SDI-12 data logger, I posted SDI-12 bus scan code for the SDI-12 USB adapter (in Python) and for the SDI-12 data logging shield (in C for Arduino). Their links are under Data logger programs or Downloads.

Here is a screen shot of the Python code:


The Arduino code has a similar interface without the serial port select (you select Arduino serial port in Arduino serial monitor). It’s fun translating C code into Python. C is famous for manipulating strings as arrays of ASCII characters. Doing such in Python seems like a hassle because it has no pointer mechanism, loose types, and aims to handle Unicode so it buries the ASCII characters under layers of things. Anyway, each language has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Notice that the scanner shows a Decagon 5TM sensor at address ‘1’ and also shows the SDU-12 translator at address ‘z’. Make sure that each sensor already has a unique address before scanning the bus. To configure sensors with unique addresses, run the configuration code for either the SDI-12 USB adapter or the SDI-12 data logging shield. Hope this helps. Comments?