Serial LCD backpack

Since my success on phi-panels with integrated keypads, I’ve decided to make a serial LCD backpack as well. This backpack will support membrane matrix keypads and buzzer off board with all the same great features of the original phi-panels, just cheaper and more flexible if you want the serial backpack to make the least impact to how your project has been set up. Here it is:

At the moment, I only have 16*2 and 20*4 displays in stock but you should have no problem with 20*2 display and 40*2 displays. If in the rare occasion your display has double row pin holes, you can always solder wires between your display and the backpack.

You can set the size of the display over serial or on the on-board menu, with a 4*4 membrane matrix keypad.

This is the cheapest serial backpack out there. The I2C backpacks sold by adafruit etc. don’t have any processors on them so they will waste your arduino just as much time and FLASH space to operate as a parallel display. With the vast 24KB on-board firmware and functions, this backpack trumps any of its competitors!

I am offering these for sale on inmojo at the moment, although if you are interested in trading with me (I collect old CPUs, in the early 1990’s and earlier), I can trade with you as well. Read this post if you are interested in exchange: