All my library source code, sample code, and project code are free for individual and educational use. If you have used my code and really like it. Please leave some comments, feedback, and suggestions here or on Arduino forum to show your support! If you are indeed quite pleased with what I provide freely for your educational experience with Arduino, and would like to donate to my cause (support learning and sharing in the Arduino community), please consider donating $5 to support my work.


Support my arduino libraries and Python scripts by donating $5USD:

Donor list (listed with first donor on top):

  • R. W. from U. S. A.
  • P. P. M. Group From Australia
  • P. F. N. C. from Spain
  • R. W from U. S. A. again
  • M. S. from (Please specify thanks!)
  • D.W. from (Please specify thanks!)
  • A. M from (Please specify thanks!) 5/25/12
  • M. S. from (Please specify thanks!) 7/10/12
  • S. S. from Canada
  • R.J.P from Chile (5/6/13)

Total donations received:

$50 (As of 5/6/2013)

Commercial use of my code:

If you are making money with hardware that employs my code, or use my code itself in for-profit workshops and trainings, please consider purchasing a one-time license at $30 for commercial use of all my current and future free codes. If you are a big company that makes millions a year (Why are you looking at my code? Where’s your own dev. team?!), I can work with you on a license too. Just leave a message and I will email you back.

5 Responses to Donate

  1. Eileen says:

    Phil, keep your sense of humour. Worth millions,,nobody can get your brains. So you are already a walking asset, and willing to share. Not having millions yet. But got your fans.

  2. Brent Woodward says:

    Hi There. I would like to buy a commercial license from you. I am going to use your phi_interfaces library for a keypad solution I am working on. I am just starting to play with it, and am excited to get it going. Thanks. Brent

    • liudr says:

      Hi Brent,

      I am glad to know that you like the library. Thanks for your interest in purchasing a license. You can purchase a license here and it covers both phi_interfaces and phi_prompt libraries, their future upgrades, and usage on any number of products you will produce with the library, with a one-time fee of $30:

      The link will say phi_prompt library license but since phi_interfaces is the physical layer of the phi_prompt library, this purchase will grant you license to both. There is no separate purchase link just for phi_interfaces.

      By the way, if you are willing to share some product information and photos in the future, please feel free to contact me. I’d be more than willing to post the info on my blog.

  3. Mr Nonnatee Kanjana says:

    Hi, we’re considering using your libraries as part of our commercial products (and the possibility of long-term business partner for the distribution of your kits in our country). Please contact us if you are interested in our offer.

    • liudr says:


      Thanks for your interest in my libraries. A one-time purchase of $30 will be all I need from you for any amount of commercial products you product with all my current libraries and their new versions in the future. There is no beating this deal! At the moment I am a bit busy with all the requests for contract projects 😉 I will contact you early next year. I’ve only had one foreign country distribute my kits. I’m interested in expanding but am cautious with how to do it with minimal risk.

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