Soldering practice kit

Since many users of my adapters are learning IoT, arduino, raspberry pi, etc. I thought that I could help them learn some basic electronics skills such as soldering. Plus, I have many printed circuit boards that I no longer use. You only need one such board and some male header pins to learn how to solder anyway and you don’t really have random boards just lying around for practice. So here it is, a $2.49 investment in soldering practice:

1. One printed circuit board with many 0.1″ spacing holes

1. One row of 40-oin male break-away headers

1. One small cut sheet of blu-tack putty to hold parts to be soldered (I used a blob in the video but I’ll supply fresh ones cut from a sheet)

Here is a play list of how to solder on a printed circuit board:

The kit is now for sale on my square store:

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