Home to all my Ardino shields:

Over the past year or so I have designed several Arduino shields. Here’s their homes.

Phi-2 shield

Actual picture coming soon!

This is a multifunction shield with display, buttons, real time clock (DS1307), EEPROM, buzzer, LEDs, sensor block, RJ45 connectors, and GPS breakout. It is the best in the market not just because of the hardware, but also because of the software support (phi-prompt, phi-buttons, phi-menu).

->Link to its homepage<-

Phi-1 shield

This is a multifunction shield, the previous version of the phi-2 shield. It has gained much attention in the arduino community. I consider it quite successful, as it was the first shield I that I offered for sale. The sale lasted from mid December 2010 til early March 2011. Some of its project are directly portable to phi-2 shield.

->Link to its homepage<-

Photogate shield

This was my first shield design, made to utilize photogates and an LCD for physics teaching. It has no homepage, just a couple of blog post.

->Link to its blog post<-

->Link to its other blog post<-

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