Phi-connect with new breakout board!

The original phi-connect kits have sold out! I’m back with newly redesigned breakout board version 1.9. This version is compatible with the original one but has a strip of 12 5V connections and 12 GND connections, making it more suitable as a switchboard inside a project box, when you don’t have a breadboard with 5V and GND buses. Here is a picture:

Phi-panel backpack face plate

This is an addition to the already awesome phi-panel LCD backpack. Now this option is available on

The picture explains everything 🙂

Super font upgraded

Now the super font is also upgraded to Arduino 1.0 compatible. Please find the library and sample code on the google code page:

Big is back!

My phi_big_font library supports displaying big 3*5 dot matrix characters and numbers on HD44780 character displays. Since arduino has upgraded to 1.0, there have been constant requests to get this library upgraded to support arduino 1.0

I’ve finally done it! Please get the most recent version on my google code site:

Don’t forget if you really really like my libraries, donate $5 to my cause.  Thanks!

BTW, I’ll make some changes to phi_super_font to upgrade it to arduino 1.0 compatible too.

Updates to phi-2 shield and phi_prompt project codes

I have updated the following three project codes to run on arduino 1.0 with the support of phi_interfaces and phi_prompt libraries version 1.0:

  • Interactive GPS logger
  • Alarm clock
  • Morse code translator

All of the above projects have two interfaces to operate, thanks to my most recently phi_interfaces library

  1. The local interface with buttons (I assumed the hardware to be phi-2 shield)
  2. A remote interface via serial port.

This helps you debug. Also when you need to enter text, such as in Morse translator under encode, you can simply type up a message in Arduino serial port monitor and hit send. Make sure the baud rate matches your serial port and select “no line ending” in Arduino’s serial monitor.

All of the above codes are posted on my phi_prompt google code site. Please find the actual links on the phi-2 shield page under projects. I am also interested in updating the sonic ranger project code. That will be next.