Want USB AND UART/Serial both?

While it is impossible to have both USB and UART/Serial interfaces simultaneously, you CAN switch between them with the UART-version of the SDI-12 adapter and the help of an extra adapter (for USB interface).

SDI-12 USB adapters on a map

[UPDATED] I’ve been thinking about making a map of where the SDI-12 USB adapters have gone to. Now it’s finally taking shape, thanks to my son. It includes locations I shipped SDI-12 USB adapters to between 2019 and March of 2022. I’ll get more locations added to it for later this year but too bad PayPal doesn’t keep records older than 2019. I am only putting the city and country for each package, without postal code or any details of where. In case you wish something removed or corrected, please drop me a message. If you want to leave a message for others to see, you are very welcome to do so! The map may not work on some devices but I’ll migrate it to google map sometime soon.