Want USB AND UART/Serial both?

While it is impossible to have both USB and UART/Serial interfaces simultaneously, you CAN switch between them with the UART-version of the SDI-12 adapter and the help of an extra adapter (for USB interface).

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  1. John Craven says:

    I found your usb sdi-12 adapter in a system that i now have to manage/maintain.
    Are the uart pads connect between the controller and usb chips? Can i connect a logic analyzer at the uart pad to seem the protocol and ids in use?

    • liudr says:

      Yes, if you wish to probe the data between the USB chip i.e. the host computer/raspberry pi, and the adapter, with a logic analyzer, you can solder a header to those holes and probe. However, you can’t send your own command to the RX connection because it’s controlled by the FT231X chip on board.

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