Phi-panel backpack face plate

This is an addition to the already awesome phi-panel LCD backpack. Now this option is available on

The picture explains everything 🙂

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  1. Andrew says:


    Quick question.

    I have the PHI-2 shield and am making the alarm clock.

    Alas I realise I am severly short of buttons and where to put them.

    This pad may be AN answer.

    But the question is: How does it connect to what?

    Does it connect to its own shield, the PHI-2, or the Arduino.

    I shall try to find out more myself, but thought I would ask here as well/first.

    • liudr says:

      The panel or backpack connects to an arduino via serial port, soft or hard. A microcontroller is controlling the display and keypad on the panel or backpack. So you get a display you can use by just doing serial.print() to it. The onboard microcontroller will update the display if you print to it via serial. And you can read a key press sensed by the microcontroller with if serial.available() returns positive (meaning there is a key press waiting to be read).

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