Updates to phi-2 shield and phi_prompt project codes

I have updated the following three project codes to run on arduino 1.0 with the support of phi_interfaces and phi_prompt libraries version 1.0:

  • Interactive GPS logger
  • Alarm clock
  • Morse code translator

All of the above projects have two interfaces to operate, thanks to my most recently phi_interfaces library

  1. The local interface with buttons (I assumed the hardware to be phi-2 shield)
  2. A remote interface via serial port.

This helps you debug. Also when you need to enter text, such as in Morse translator under encode, you can simply type up a message in Arduino serial port monitor and hit send. Make sure the baud rate matches your serial port and select “no line ending” in Arduino’s serial monitor.

All of the above codes are posted on my phi_prompt google code site. Please find the actual links on the phi-2 shield page under projects. I am also interested in updating the sonic ranger project code. That will be next.

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