I am exchanging all my new arduino shield and gadget kits if you’re willing to dig up some old stuff to trade with me. Here is a list of wanted old stuff:

1) Computer processors such as 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium pro, AMD K5, K6, 6502, Z80, Motorola 6800, 68000, 68010, DEC processors etc. Anything that is processor is wanted. I want older ones more than newer ones, such as P4 or else.

My personal collection of 200+ computer processors from the late 70’s to dual core AMD! (Thanks Matt and Chris)

Some old-timers! Z80, 6502, 8088, 286, etc.

Nice DEC processors, shiny! (Circular object is the heat sink.)

2) Classic computer games (original copy): Wolf3D, warcraft, Dune, Dune2, quake, etc.

3) Old computer software such as original copy of IBM DOS or MS DOS or else.

4) Old computer-related literature such as books on how to select a computer in the 80’s, computer dictionary or other interesting literature revealing the good old time of rams in KB, hard drives in MBs and Pentium was the highest level of computer game graphic details.

My very small collection of old computer books and games. That cassette on the right side is actually a program recorded on tape!

Right now, exchange of PCB and kits is open to everyone interested. Leave me a message of what you have or even a link to a picture or two so I can decide whether to make the exchange. If I don’t know you on the forum, I may need to mail you the trade after I receive your package.

My favorite exchanges from last time with Phi-1 shields:

The left side is a part of a mother board for a pre-Pentium processor. A friend couldn’t remove the processor without damaging it so he cut the board and shipped it with other processors all the way from Europe so I could extract the processor with a CPU extraction tool. The right is a surface mount processor another friend painstakingly removed from a board with professional tools among the dozen or so other surface mount processors.

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  1. John Wasser says:

    I’ve got some old PC’s around. How should I get the chips to you?

    • liudr says:

      Thanks John. Could you send me some pictures so I can see what you have? Last time I traded, I sent my board and parts to the other party and they send to me via mail. I’ll email you so you can reply to me with pictures or links to them.

  2. pixel_k says:

    I have a few old gear laying around :

    One of the athlon is cut to expose the “gold finger” slot (

    (sorry for the bad pictures)

    I may have older stuff @ work, but I’m on holidays right now

    • liudr says:

      Hey, thanks for the pics. Yeah, older stuff will be more attractive to me. I could take that slocket converter since I don’t have one in my collection. Please get back to me once you have time. I could have some older stuff. Not necessarily intel or amd, motorola or dec or anything will do.

      • pixel_k says:

        I’ll work again in two weeks, I will search our storage and post my findings here.
        The oldest I’ve got @ work is a Mac 128k ( but as it’s still working perfectly, I won’t dismantle it. Just to give you an Idea on what I may stumble upon.

      • liudr says:

        Great!. If I had space I would keep one of two around as well. All I have are two mobos from the same model, with MC68000 soldered on it. If you have space, please keep it. I’m sure someone local will enjoy it in case you offer it for sale in the future.

      • Pixel_k says:

        Again, sorry for the bad picture. Here’ my “pile” at work :

        2 486 (1 labeled DX-2 66) and older Pentium (at least 1 Pentium 60). I can’t tell the details of most of them because of the glued heatsink or solidified cooling paste.

        I also have a motherboard from a toshiba Lapto from the 90’s where this is soldered on :

        along with what’s look like a gold-plated heat-sink.

        Would they be of any interest to you ?

      • liudr says:

        Awesome. If you send me the 2 486 and the older pentiums, and the toshiba mobile pentium, I can send you a full kit.

        What are the rest of the cpu in your pile? Any change you will send them all to me? 😉

      • pixel_k says:

        All the other processors in the pile are Pentiums, some of them MMX, I will take separate photos tomorrow, but I looked at the first ones and the writings were unreadable because of some leftover cooling paste. If you want I can send it to you next week. Just send me your address to the email I provided to post those comments.

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  4. mhamida says:

    If you want old IBM etc release in floppy 5 1/4, or old CPU I can send you some :):)
    Conctact me

  5. Are you interested in just the cpu or the computer also?

    • liudr says:

      Just the cpu. I wish I had more space for complete systems but I don’t so I can only take cpu. Let me know what you have! Thanks 🙂

  6. PhilB says:

    I have an entire archive of parts. Could probably build you a half dozen systems or so XT/AT. Have IBM PS2s Circa 386-16. Several 8088s, one 8088 full system. Nec V20. Many 386/486 chips. Cyrix 5×86 6×86. AMDs of all breeds, even the board mounted “chips” in the 400-800 Mhz days. MANY manuals of all sorts. Have an entire diskette version of Oracle, binders and all docs, mint. Limitless software on floppy, complete. 1st verision MS Flight Simulator on 5.25″. Many floppies and games for TRS-80 Mod III (Have a model III but not getting rid of that). DOS back to DOS 2.1, many versions, even original IBM ones. Windoze from 3.1 up, w/manuals. Might even have a windows 2.1.

    However, I’m not a forum member at Arduino forums… Many others, just not there…

    • liudr says:

      Great! The reason that I was mentioning forum member was that if you were a member with more than a few dozen posts, I would have to receive your shipment before I send mine out. Let me know if that is ok with you, and what hardware you want and willing to let go what chips 😉

  7. pizzaboy192 says:

    I’ve got a few things you might be interested in.
    AMD processor of pentium spec designed to fit in a 386 socket. complete with special board modified to work with it. Both still works (processor clocks in somewhere around 133mhz)
    I’ve got a tin of Pentium and K5\K6 processors. Some MMX, and speeds between 66 and 166mhz.
    Also got a pile (literally) of 72Pin SIMMS.
    Could also possibly send you some older Mac processors, PowerPC 603e and the like, don’t know what i’ve got in my graveyard anymore.
    Should also have leftovers from an Atari and a few Texas Instrument systems

    • liudr says:

      Hi, I am interested in that amd processor and adapter. I’m also interested in the pentium k5/k6 processors. I’m not very interested in the SIMMS. I have a few PPC 603 but would like to have one more too. I don’t have anything from Atari and very few from TI so anything old from them will be interesting to me. Could you provide a more complete list when you find everything from your pile? What hardware do you want in return? Thanks.

  8. pizzaboy192 says:

    I am fairly certain where the Pentium and K5\K6 processors are, and I should be able to find the AMD 386 processor.
    I was mostly interested in something to get me started in the Arduino stuff. I’ve never owned one but always wanted to get one. If you’ve got anything that you’d be willing to send for this small amount of stuff, I’d be willing to pay to ship my own stuff to you.
    I think I’ve got 5 or 6 of the Pentium and AMD processors (Not including the one 386 one) that I can easily get. All should still work too.

  9. liudr says:

    Could you send me a picture of the processors so I could see what they are? I’d like to evaluate how much I am willing to trade for your processors.
    I’m able to trade with my phi-2 shield ($23.5 value) or phi-2 shield with 20X4 display ($30 value). Depending on whether you’re in USA I may need to pay around $3 or $6+ for shipping plus cost of shipping material.


  10. Abend says:

    I have a pair of old 80286 chips. They are flat, about an inch square, with gold contact pads around the outside edge. Does that sound like something you want?

    If not, I’ll probably get around to making earrings out of them.

    • liudr says:

      Yes. I would be willing to send you a phi-connect kit as an exchange. If you have more chips, I can consider maybe a phi-2 shield with 16X2 LCD on it. Thanks.

    • liudr says:

      Just got the four processors in the mail! Thanks a lot for carefully making cpu holders for them. Then arrived safely. I will send you a phi-2 shield kit. Thanks again for saving me postage for not requesting an LCD 🙂

  11. Eduardo says:

    I have a bunch of old computers that i’m stripping off. I have some pc’s(8088,286,386,486,pentium), some mac’s, some old apple, some very old laptops, even some, atari, commodore, tandy’s and TRS’s. My original idea was to make some kind of old computers museum at home, but the wife want the garage clean now so….. ah ah you know…. so I need to clean and I’m going to take out the CPU’s for you 🙂 . I live just in the border with arizona and I can use USPS flat rate box to ship. 😉

    I’m new in the fantastic arduino world and just got a duemilanove and a freeduino, so I like to exchange all the cpu’s foryour kit to start my new adventure with the arduinos. I’ll send you a picture of the CPU’s in a few days. See you

    Sonora Mexico

    • liudr says:


      Thank you very much for replying to my post. I am very interested in your processors and I am sorry to know that your wife has decided that your personal collection has to disappear. I have emailed you so hopefully you’ll get that email and we can continue from there.



  12. jadon says:

    i have an amd k6-2 and a slot 1 pentium 133mhz

  13. Russell says:

    I beilieve I have what is to be the crown jewel of your collection. I have a new, never plugged in, “Microdesigns Multiboard 85″ prototyping computer based on the 8085 processor. One of only 5 such systems ever produced (number 4, I believe). I contacted Microdesigns a year or so ago and they even gave me the programming manual for it (which I lost, but I’m sure they’ll give you another one.) I salvaged it, still in the original bag it shipped in, from a pile of stuff that was being scrapped.

    I’ll get you pics when I get home, my phone’s kind of being a d!$% right now. It’s something like 18″ *22″ * 4” and around 5 pounds (didn’t need much power supply back then)

    Unfortunately, most of my old chips went into the acid bath last month for gold recovery, but I probably still have a few classics lying around. I’ll let you know what I find.

    I’m trying to outfit a couple of guys in my hackerspace, so I’d be just as interested in actual arduinos as your shields, but the phi-panel looks like it’d be fun to have on my Teensy++.

    • liudr says:

      That’s great Russel! I have not seen any of microdesigns boards but a 8085, especially if it carries a date code that is consistent with the era the board was produced, will be nice to have for my collection. I always doubted whether you can make money with recycling old processors for gold but I guess I’m wrong. Lots of these oldies get destroyed for this reason. Some had gold heat spread thinner than micron but look like gold nuggets so they’re the first to go “extinct”. I have assembled phi-panel for you if you can send me the multiboard and some old cpus. I’ll be happy to support your local hacker space with this panel. It adds a console to any microcontroller project. You can do menus so easily and without any library installs 🙂 I’ll email you so you can send me a picture of what you have.

  14. Russell says:

    Chip Id:

    INTEL ’86

    Re Gold:
    It all depends on the chip, some of them used a Si/Au solder that’s upwards of 90%Au, this bonded both the die to the substrate and the lid seal. Most processors are basically worthless gold wise, but some 286, 386, and 486’s can have upwards of a gram each.

    • liudr says:

      Great! Any old processors to sweeten the pot? I don’t care if they don’t have gold as long as they are old I’ll be interested. I do collect Pentium Pros but they don’t come cheap since some gold can be extracted from them. I can’t just buy a scrap pile. Pins are all messed up if not missing with broken corners. That will take me forever to fix even if just the pins were messed up. That limits me to getting one or two each time from individual trades or purchases. If you have a small pile of old processors that you won’t be extracting much gold from, toss in the pot for the trade. The phi-panel will be for sale at $39.95 and since you have a hacker space, I want you to have an assembled one so you can just start using it. That will be around $50+shipping. The multiboard is very nice but it is just one item though. It will feel lonely on its trip in the mail 😉

      BTW, I’m sure once you use the panel, you or your hacker space friends will want more units. It makes prototyping and adding menus a lot easier than what’s currently available.

  15. brian says:

    I just rummaged through an old pc that got thrown at work. I had a ‘80286-10’ ic in it. I can see if it’s still in staging area, or if it was disposed. I might have some other 286’s laying around from before…

    • liudr says:

      Thanks for the picture. This seems to be a newer design where most support chips are surface mounted instead of sitting in sockets. I’m interested in the processor, memory, the only removable chip (eprom?), and the hard drive. BTW, if you can prop out the machine’s logo with IBM and 286 on it, I’d like that too 🙂

  16. Greg says:

    I have 2 hyperSPARC cpu’s that came out of an old Sun Sparc 20. They were manufactured by a company called Ross Technology. And if interested I have a 4-port ethernet card and some sticks of memory out of the same device. You can see a picture at:

    Let me know if you are interested.

    • liudr says:


      Thanks for the photo. I’m interested in the two processors. I can send you a phi-2 shield 16X2 if you send me the processors. Let me know if you’re interested.

      • Greg says:

        I have added 2 UltraSPARC II processors. Please look at the photo now:

        I would send you all 4 processors for your 4-line phi-2 shield. Would that be acceptable? If so send me your address via email ‘ibgregr at gmail dot com”.

      • liudr says:


        Thanks for the picture. I will be willing to trade a 20X4 version phi-2 shield with the 4 CPUs you provide. Anything more to add to the pot? 😉 (I will pass on the memory and ethernet card)

      • Greg says:

        For now that is all I have. I do have a couple more Sun Servers but they would just have the UltraSPARC II or maybe UltraSparc III. Those servers are still in my ‘possible use’ arsenal so I have not come to the point of cracking them open and stripping them.

        So..if you will send me your address I will get these in the mail to. My address will be on the package.


      • liudr says:


        Great! I’ll send you mailing address to your gmail. It’s nice to have a few ultrasparc processors to broaden my collection. Besides intel and AMD, I also have DEC, Zilog, Motorola, TI etc but in much less quantity and varity.

  17. Greg says:

    One more note…the 2 UltraSparc II processors are genuine Sun processors.

  18. Hi, are you looking for specific 80×86 processors? I have all the generations from the 8088 to pentiums 1 and 2, some are clones. I have a 68040 too and some z80 maybe a 6800 or 6802 if I dig deep enough in the basement.

    • liudr says:


      Thank you! That list sounds very good! I am interested in all makers of CPUs. I am interested in Intel and AMD processors pentium/k6-3 or older. I am also looking for Motorola processors so the 68040 is good, plus the 6800 and z80. I only have an SGS and a zilog made z80 and am looking for more Zilog’s z80 and more. Could you take a picture of the processors you’re interested in trading (please keep the pentium 2 or higher, too new and too heavy for shipping :)).

      • Ok, here’s what I’ve found so far in my junk.
        Z80, 6802, 8086 family and 68030 with its math coprocessor (I don’t have a 68040 finally, sorry)
        80286 and 80386
        80486 and an IBM 6×86

        I have a pcb with what seems to be a 68000 clone soldered on it, it’s huge, tell me if you’d be interested and I’ll take a picture of it.

      • liudr says:

        Wonderful! “GREEN CPU” LOL I’ve never heard of this so definitely interested. I’d like a picture of the 68000 too. I have two 68000’s and both are soldered on apple original mac boards so I have to keep the boards.

        If you’re interested, I can send you a phi-panel 20X4 serial LCD keypad panel kit. It is my latest design. Links:


        inmojo sales page:×4-lcd-keypad-panel—phi-panel/

        Let me know if this interests you 🙂

      • A serial 20X4 phi-panel would be great, I’ll shoot the 68000 tonight.

      • liudr says:

        Alright! In case you can’t get the 68000 off the board (desoldering or sawing it off), I’ll be happy to trade for the rest of the chips, unless shipping is really really cheap for the huge board 🙂

      • Ok here’s the 68000 picture:
        I meant that the 68000 is huge compared to the standard 74 logic chips around (well the board itself is quite big too I think it was in a laser printer).
        So which ones do you want? I live in Quebec, Canada.

        What are you doing with the chips, just a collection? I can’t warranty that they’re all in working order. Some come from boards I know were working, so they should be ok.

      • liudr says:

        Yes that was big. I have two just as big on original Mac motherboards. Its board is probably too big to ship so unless you can easily take it off, I will forget about it. Regarding which CPU I wanted, I was under the impression that you wanted to trade all the cpus in the pictures for stuff I have. Please correct me if I made the wrong assumption 🙂

        I’m a CPU collector, as a hobby. I guess the stamp collecting would be a parallel but more common hobby, which I used to do as a kid until I went to college. It doesn’t matter if the chips work or not, as long as they look alright. To me, the rapid technological advance over the past 3 decades has made a unique part of our history that is also rapidly fading away as new things repeatedly replace old things. Lots of these processors are being destroyed, sent to landfill, or harvested for what little gold they have. That is another reason I want to keep the older processors around for future generations to see what we used to use inside of a computer. Old hard drive disks used to be the size of a vinyl record and stored a few megabytes of data LOL.

        I think eventually I will consider opening a computer history museum:)

      • I shot all the cpus I had, I didn’t think you’d want all of them since you said to keep the pentium 2 because it’s too heavy to ship.
        I’ll start pinning them on foam then, there are some that I have multiple times you want all of them or just one of each?
        I’ll check if I can easily de-solder the 68000, else I’ll just saw the pcb around.

        I kept all of these myself in case I’d need them for some homebrew stuff, but these days micro-controllers are the way to go for small projects and are a lot less time consuming.
        You’ll need to tell me where to send this by the way.

      • liudr says:


        I have a bunch of Pentium 2 and 3 slot 1 and they are all heavy for shipping so I only occasionally collect one or two locally. I’d be more than happy to have all cpus pictured 😉 It’s a collection so I can have more than one of each type. I actually have a dozen of pentium 133, 166, and 200, all with different S-numbers 🙂

        I know, those days of using 8088 or 8051 to make your computer or projects are gone, with the proliferation of arduinos and other MCU dev boards. Not long ago I took apart an observatory control computer (custom made with 80C186 in a wooden box) and harvested its chips. It had a display on it and a full size key board embedded on the top of the box. Some students in the 80s or early 90s must have spent weeks of time to get that all together. Now it’s useless.

        I will send you my mailing address to your hotmail address. Thanks again for trading with me. These older cpus are really hard to come by nowadays.

      • I don’t know where you took my email address from, I have an account on hotmail (dot com) with the nickname semicolo, please send me your address again on this mailbox. thanks

      • liudr says:

        Just did it. I thought I did last time must have made a mistake. Did you get my email yet? I used my yahoo email. If not, I’ll try with my hotmail email. Hotmail and yahoo may not like each other too much. 🙂

      • Sorry, my hotmail account is locked down for “suspicious activities” those @ssh0les!! And I’ve not been able to recover it yet.

        Please try again with the same username on the domain

      • liudr says:

        Sorry to hear about your hotmail account got jacked. I’ve sent another email to your account.

      • Hum no mails, either on free or hotmail (which I finally unlocked). Maybe I was too vague, my address is semicolo at hotmail (dot com).
        I’ll check in the spam folder in the meantime.

      • liudr says:

        Just sent again to your hotmail.

  19. rocket says:

    Quick question, do they still have to work?

    I’m sure I have about 5~8 cpus you’re looking for here somewhere, but I can’t test them out!

    Also, I live in the EU, so I have no clue about shipping.

    • liudr says:

      Thanks. I don’t need the cpus to be in working condition. I am collecting them for their looks 🙂 Could you send me a picture? Thanks.

      • rocket says:

        Here’s a quick list of things I’ve found so far:

        – Intel i386
        – Intel Pentium (i166 or i200, can’t tell, still cleaning it)
        – Intel Pentium III A80525 450 MHz
        – Intel Pentium III A80525 500 MHz
        – Intel Pentium III 650/256/100/1.65V
        – AMD-K6-2/300AFR

        The heat-sinks on the two Intel A80525 are in perfect condition, they actually look like new 😀

        What is the upper limit on the date of CPUs you’re looking for? I’m asking so I know what to look for, as I think I have some Athlons (older ones) around somewhere.

        Also, I found this neat site for identifying old cpus:

        If you’re still interested in the above mentioned CPUs I can take a picture of them for you.

      • liudr says:

        Thanks! I am interested in the i386, pentium (166 or 200) and AMD k6-2/300. The pentium 3 are considered new and are in more quantity than earlier processors. I’d take them since you found them already, only if they are socket processors. Mailing slot processors with heatsink could be expensive on your part. I’d be interested in trading i386+pentium+amd+all light weight piii with one phi-2 shield with 16×2 display. let me know if this interests you 🙂

  20. Matt says:


    I have some older DIP processors, 8080 and Z-80 variants, 6502, 6809, 68000, and even an RCA 1802 plus some peripheral support chips from the same time period. I also probably have some 286 through at least AMD K7. I took some pictures of the DIP processors I can email you if you’re interested, and if you tell me which x86 are of interest to you I can look for them specifically. Once we know what interests you (if anything) we can figure out a fair trade.

    • liudr says:

      Thanks for your message. I am very interested in those old DIP processors and my interest is up to AMD K5/6 or Intel pentium I and III. The reason I don’t collect much of pentium II is due to their large sizes and often inseparable heat sinks, which make them expensive to ship. Could you please send in your pictures? I’ll be emailing you so you can simply reply with pictures or links to pictures.

      Here is my question to you: what arduino gadget/shield do you want for the trade? I should have everything in stock for a nice trade 😉

      • Matt says:

        We’ll figure out the trade once you decide on a value for what you want. I just bought my first Arduino board yesterday (a Pro Mini clone) and I still don’t know what I will do with it…

        By the way, the 68000 is the ceramic DIP package and was pulled from a socket, so no solder on the pins, Pictures are huge so I’ll email them one-by-one.

      • liudr says:

        Very excited. Saw the pic 1. That’s a few oldies that I don’t yet have. Downloading the rest of the pictures…

  21. Matt says:

    Just sent you another picture, this one of a state-of-the-art processor – in 1996. AMD 5k86-P90. I’ll dig out more this weekend. I’m pretty sure I still have a 200 MHz Cyrix processor in the mix; those aren’t so easy to come by these days..

    • liudr says:

      Thanks. I looked around and I actually don’t have an AMD K5, just 486s and K6/K6II/K6III. For the cyrix, is it one of these pretty faces?

      The bottom left is Cryix 200MHz

      • Matt says:

        Now I’m not so sure about the Cyrix 200 MHz. What I have (other than the parts previously mentioned) is a 33 MHz Cyrix 486. I’ll send off whatever I find on Monday!

      • liudr says:

        a bit disappointed that only one x86 type processor but as long as I get the DIPs, I am ok. Thanks for searching for those processors.

      • Matt says:

        No reason to be disappointed, as I told you earlier I wasn’t going to get to my motherboards until this weekend. 7 more older x86 processors that are socketed and one soldered on a board (386sx-16). Pictures in your inbox soon, processors in your mailbox by next weekend!

        BTW, the Cyrix I was thinking of is actually an IBM-labeled 150 MHz.

  22. alex says:

    any interest in mac processors? like g4s & g5s?

  23. chris lange says:

    Are you interested in trading for a phi LCD board. I have the stock processors out of a Dec rainbow a z80 and a 8008 or the whole mobo if you are interested. Will email picts if needed

  24. chris lange says:

    Sorry 20×4 LCD keypad kit.

    • liudr says:

      So the 20X4 LCD panel with 16 integrated keys on board + backpack with keypad for 16X2 LCD (you have LCD for this) for the mobo+parts? I actually have a couple of st-506 drives and an interface card but won’t mind one more set. Any software and/or manual?

      I am in Minnesota (USA). Will postage be a problem if you ship these things to me?

      Could you send me a few pictures of the parts for the trade? I’ll email you so you will have my email.

  25. chris lange says:

    Forgot I also have the cp/m manuals for it too

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