Phi-connect is coming soon!

After some long wait, I was assured that the phi-connect has been manufactured and shipped. Here’s pictures supplied by the manufacturer, not the best, but at least something is better than nothing.

This will go on the Arduino:

This goes on the breadboard or you can solder on it for your permanent installation.

You can see everything is marked clearly enough. I don’t have space to mark PWM pins as “PWM” so I got a little creative and used a “)” on each pin that is a PWM. There is also a legend “PWM)”, which reminds you the “)” pins can do PWM.

As you can see, there are two places on the small board with 5V and gnd. Yes, if you solder pins on them, you can plug them directly in the power buses on your breadboard! They also improve the mechanical strength of the board.

I will make an announcement once they reach the online stores ready for grabs. Besides, I’m stilling looking for picture exchanges. If you have a messy project with crazy wires on your board, send me a pic. I can send you the phi-connect in exchange for a couple of pictures of well-organized project with the help of phi-connect. The amount of this exchange is limited so leave a message if you want the exchange.


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