Morse code translator new version

This version is completely rewritten with the Phi-prompt interface for Phi-2 shields. Should be easy to use on Phi-1 shields by changing the #define phi_1_shield in main program.

The new program is easier to understand, and has a new library feature. Right now I have about 12 short words in the library. You can just browse the library of words and press confirm or right to play the Morse code for that word. It’s handy for training so you don’t have to enter it in painstakingly. Change the words anyway you want. They don’t have to be 7 letters long. The list can only fit 7 characters.

Here is a video:


->code<- This library includes the above example’s code, which requires phi_prompt and phi_buttons libraries.

The newest edition is based on phi_morse library now and is totally easy to use. I will upload as soon as possible.

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