Cheapest persistence of vision display with arduino $2

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The POV circuit is built on a perfboard with 8 LED and a 595 shift registor, 8 LED, 8 resistors, IR emitter, a light sensor, some wires.


Shift registor:


Resistors: These are 150Ohm resistors. You may want some 220OHm and 120Ohm ones in case you want your LEDs dimmer or brighter. I would buy a lot of these registors since they’re cheap by larger quantities and also are needed a lot in projects.

Light sensor: They don’t even have a spec sheet. From what I found out by trial and error, it is sensitive to infrared as well as visible light. So I painted it black Grin


The perfboard is a buck a couple:

I can safely say I spent less than $2 for this project. I was thinking about making a PCB but couldn’t bare the long wait.


Persistence of vision display
Download code:


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  1. James Lewis says:

    Very cool.

    Do you have a picture of your perfboard?

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