New project codes

Starting from my most recent project – car backing/reverse obstacle sensor with a sonic ranger, I am offering two versions of the project code, a full version, so you get all the interactive features, adjustable parameters, and make changes if you’re good at programming. I also offer a nutshell version, where only bare minimal code is included to run the sensors for beginners to easily digest and modify.

I will find some time to re-do my previous project codes so they will have two versions for both beginners and advanced users.

Plus, if I find more time, I will re-do the interactive interfaces to standardize them so you can load up the code and wallah you have your menu, all keys work as they should on a menu and you have a list of adjustable parameters to start your project with. It is essentially a shell of functions so you can focus on your project’s function and let the shell handle all interactive features including menus, refresh displays, and key presses. This is like the Liudr look and feel (as compared with Java look and feel).

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