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Password panel for Arduino Phi-1 shield


I have been thinking about this for a while: an arduino password input panel. You will be prompted to enter a password, you have three trials. If you pass, something happens, if you fail, something else happens. You decide!

After I recently pre-released the phi-menu, a versatile arduino shell for interacting with users and building menus, I realized I could make the password panel very easily with ph1-menu.

The project simply calls input_panel2() to get a string from the user, 6 digits long, ‘0’ to ‘9’ (you can change this yourself). Then it compares the user input with the stored password. If it is correct, it returns true and prints some good texts. If it is incorrect, the user is given more trials until the trials run out and some not so good texts are shown.

A second part of the project is a function that updates the password to different numbers and updates number of trials a user can have. This part, ideally only gets called after authentication, will be a part that you can offer to authenticated users. I’m just having it here as a demonstration of how easy it is to make something out of phi-menu.

Here is a video:

Here is the code:

Full version with Phi-menu

Nutshell version (password is, well, read my code!)

About phi-menu

Please refer to the phi-menu page for all the details

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