Phi shields users’ map

Phi shields are on the map!

Since there have been over one hundred users of the Phi-1 and Phi-2 shields, I decided to create this Arduino Phi shields users’ map so that we can share who’s out there doing what projects with the shields. So potentially interested individuals can share projects and or codes!

Click here to add yourself to the map.

Directions to add yourself to the map:

1) Click the above link.

2) Log on to your Google account on this page. (top right side)

3) Press the red edit button on the left.

4) Click the middle button and place a blue pin on the map to indicate your approximate location

5) Once you place a pin, you can edit its contents. Then click on the blue pin on the top right corner (boxed up by a blue square) of the dialog to change it to a symbol you want.

6) Click save on the left side and then done.

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