Project code updates

Since I have updated my phi_prompt library, some of my project codes stopped working due to the library update. I’ve made changes to some of them to get them up to date and still have to update several more. So I decided to make a chart to show how my various libraries are related so that if I update one library, what else I need to update in order to make all my codes work.

Here is the chart. It’s too big to fit in the blog so feel free to click on it to show the whole image.

This also shows some planned updates such as adding functions in the I/O layer to make the user interface access more types of switches such as keypads with column/row pins, IR remote keys on an IR remote, PS2 keyboard, etc, and also in the system layer such as porting the phi_prompt library to graphic lcds (must be lots of work). Also the library versions are included so that you can check your folders to make sure the correct versions are there to support your applications.

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  1. Geenster says:

    Any results or ideas in investigating for porting the phi_prompt library to graphic lcds.
    Would be extremely usefull

    • liudr says:

      Yes I have planned to port the library to graphic lcds (KS0108 compatible). I have not got time to do so yet so please keep tuned in for updates once I get time to make them 🙂

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