Phi_interfaces library 1.0 released

After much work and documentation, the phi_interfaces library is finally released with full documentation and example code on every class.

This library unites all input devices in an unprecedented way. You can sense a matrix keypad the same way as push buttons, rotary encoders, or analog buttons, or serial keypads, or simulate key presses on arduino serial monitor or even use your smart phone to generate key presses to control your arduino projects. You could create multiple operating interfaces, one on arduino project, one on a remote server and one on your smartphone. You can then control your project wirelessly from meters away or from world away and it feels like you’re controlling it right on your desk.

What is more exciting is that you don’t need to make any change on your code to do all the above. Start your project with a few push buttons and later decide to control your project on your smartphone with bluetooth serial, and finally settle for dual interface, with keypad on the project and with smartphone using bluetooth serial. No need to change any code while you are making all these hardware changes. Interfaces should be just like that, snap on and snap off, all with standard plugs and no fuss.

I will be using this as the physical layer for my phi_prompt user interface library soon.

Here are a few nicely done figures in the documentation:

I will be posting videos and tutorials soon!

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