Phi_prompt advanced features video demo

I have developed many features with my famous phi_prompt user interface library. These features are too specific to be turned into library function calls but I have a well-documented set of examples for lots of these features that will open your eyes.

These feature code and some professional consultation will be offered under “Arduino User Interface Professional development kit for phi_prompt” together with a PC emulation engine that you can emulate arduino and tweak on a PC with debugger and use your keyboard to operate the emulated code and copy paste to arduino to load to arduino when you are finally satisfied. It saves you tons of time for waiting for uploads and saves your hair from pulled off when debugging with arduino IDE.

Here is a video, take a look at these eye candies features:

I’ll be adding more features including variable length of list (say you adjust one parameter and the list expands to show its details).

By no means can I support newbies with these features that can’t even be turned into generic library function calls but to more experienced people trying to make money with their products, these features add values. Hope I can use fund I get from professional help with professional projects using these features to support the free end of my library (actually all library function calls are free to use but how you use them to make advanced features are not yet open).

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  1. Sam says:

    Looks really great.

    I expect the answer is yes (I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work) but I just would like to check if it is possible to do compound lists?

    e.g. Option = Start Day, Finish Day, Action Day
    Value = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc

    i.e. on compound option can the value be a list rather than numeric ?

    • liudr says:

      You can select multiple items on the list. You can have any level of list the memory allows. A numerical is easy to use in programatically deciding what to do with the return. You can then print out text list of selected items with the number, not the other way. Keeping a list of strings is useless for the program to decide what to do next.

  2. Kristian says:


    I really like the work you have done so far with this library. I am trying to display a temperature and pressure from sensors in menu but with no success. Is it possible to get the sketch that is running on the arduino in this clip so I can play with it?

    Best regards!

    • liudr says:

      I’m working to release the new version of phi_prompt. Without the new release, the features you saw won’t work. So I will need some time to get there. I promise there will be at least one sample code that demonstrates some features in that video, with a disclaimer : please direct your questions regarding this sample code to my professional assistance. I simply can’t handle free helps with that content at the moment so I can address the issues with the library and answer basic questions.

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