New functions are added to family of phi-panels

Arend requested some new features that I thought was useful to everyone:

1) Have up to 32 items on a menu/list

2) Have a way to set which item is high lighted so the user will not have to go through the entire list from item 1.

This resulted in quite a bit of work and time (I have about 3,000 lines of code that I have not touched for a while). Anyway now let’s welcome firmeware 1.6.2 with the following additions:

Dennis also requested some discrete button options but that will not be released to everyone (unless you all want that).


1) Added support for 8 discrete buttons with back_pack version. Firmware will be uploaded in a separate file

2) Updated EEPROM key to 0x61 for back_pack_8_keys and 0x62 for this version

3) Added support for up to 32 items on a list.

4) Added support for up to 660 characters for long messages or menus.

5) Added option to preset highlighted menu item with menu_highlighted_item. It updates with each selection.

6) Added a serial command to set this menu_highlighted_item value with “\eWn~”. Eg. “\eW3~” highlights item 3 (1 based) for the next menu phi-panel receives.

Download the firmware here if you want to get the update and MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOUR PANEL OR BACKPACK SIZE.

First read the wiki about how to upload firmware then download the correct 1.6.2 version for your hardware 🙂

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