OLED displays

There are several popular character OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays among Arduino fans. These displays have a lot better contrast than LCDs, needs no contrast adjustment, and are brighter, but more expensive. The wiring of these character OLED displays seems to be compatible with HD44780 LCDs but there might be some timing issues with the ones Adafruit sells:


They need modified LCD library supplied by Adafruit and also need the R/W line to be controlled by Arduino instead of simply grounded. A phi-panel backpack user has recently purchased their displays and other ones from Newhaven. There might be a need for the backpack to support these displays, with a modification of the existing PCB and or firmware, or even a new PCB design. I am wondering if there is enough demand for this modification. Just write me a comment if you are interested in the phi-panel backpacks supporting these display. I will also update this post when I receive word from that phi-panel backpack user regarding their test with these OLEDs.

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  1. Kenny says:

    And I must say, these character based OLED displays are beautiful! None of those black square blocks or contrast issues like with regular LCD’s.


    • liudr says:


      Could you provide some pictures and where you purchased the displays? Thanks.
      I am also trying to compile a table with what you found out about these displays with different libraries.

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