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I have been looking for more market places to sell my gadgets. Recently a fellow maker recommended I decided to give it a try. There are more sellers and items for sale on than inmojo market place and tindie is better maintained (by charging 4% seller fees). For now I only have 4 items listed on tindie for sale:


It seems to work alright, although the fees have more than doubled from just the 2%-4% paypal fee for inmojo or my blog sales to 5% Tindie selling fee + 2%-4% paypal fee. I decided to not change the selling prices to compensate. Hopefully if you’re able to use inmojo market place or my sales links on my blog page, you will use them to help me save some fees and keep prices reasonable.

The tindie market place is global and has a fair amount of interesting gadgets for sale. I sometimes just browse the site looking for interesting products and inspirations from fellow makers. Check it out!

Here is a clickable badge to take you to my tindie store:
I sell on Tindie

Only 4 orders so far, a long way to build up the popularity that I have on inmojo.

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  1. Benjamin Leachman says:

    I goofed up buying a sensor that had USB but need to convert it to SDI-12 to interface with a remote weather station. Looks like most of your work runs things the other way- any chance you have a solution?

    • liudr says:

      In order to turn USB into SDI, you need a processor with USB host capability and driver for the USB device. Then the processor uses its digital IO pin to emulate SDI-12. It’s a lot of work. If you really want to do it, see if you can read the USB sensor in the first place, with your computer, without using their supplied software, which will not work on a raspberry pi or even programmable to convert into SDI-12 signal. Another obstacle I see is that some SDI-12 loggers turn off the SDI-12 sensors they’re not reading at the moment to save power. You have to constantly supply power to your raspberry pi so it would do the conversion.

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