Summer consulting projects

The summer is finally coming! This year we had a lot of snow and I was busy during the semesters. I anticipate to do some travel this summer and further develop my data logger solution but still I have the bulk of May to August open for consulting projects. Let me know if you need my help!

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  1. Ajit Sarnaik says:

    Hello, A lot of good material that others like me can use here. I would like to know if you have the logger code running on an ESP32 board using your SDI-12+Analog USB adapter board please. I am also considering using the board to interface with a Raspberry Pi 3 (B, B+, A+). We have other code running on the PI, so if we can install your SW on our system without using your SD card, that would be good. Currently the Pi acts as a GW, and running in remote areas, and we want to add additional functionality where in the sensors have SDI-12 interfaces.

    Appreciate your help



    • liudr says:


      Yes I have code for ESP32. I’ll need to do a bit of cleanup before I can post it. I made an effort since last year to keep it as close to the raspberry pi code as possible for me to maintain both version myself so you will see something very similar to the raspberry pi code.

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