Slightly lower shipping rates for France Germany and UK

I’ve recently started selling on my square online store. This store allows more freedom in setting up shipping rates. So I’ve set up US, Canada, and rest of world. Except that the rest of the world is subdivided into many shipping regions by the USPS. So starting today I’ve just set up a slightly lower rate for first-class shipping to France, Germany, and the UK. All have very similar rates that you can check here:

Here is the link to up to 8oz of package (up to 6 adapters) to France as an example:

The USPS has the same rate for 1-8oz and then same rate for 9-16oz.

I needed a slight overhead to cover the transaction cost and currency exchange rate so I added a few dollars to the rate listed at the bottom of the list (First-class).

If you live in a country outside of US and find a cheaper rate on USPS than my “rest of the world” rate, please post a request here to have your country added to the rates. It’s a laborious work to anticipate where the shipments might go but if you make a request, I’ll make sure I do it for you.

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