Morse encoder/player/trainer

I have had interest in learning Morse code for a while. It’s hard for me to start at this age but I’ve attempted to make a Morse code player already. See my early archives.

That was not very effective as a trainer. Now that I have the Phi-1 shield design, I decided to give it a second try, since yesterday afternoon. It went smoothly when I hodgepodged the original code with a other code that deals with display and text input.

I’ve added functions to my previous value input subroutines to handle both left and right arrows so I can jog my text cursor if I need to make changes. After pressing the enter, the input is sent to the Morse code subroutine and played out on the buzzer.

A few more things I’d like to do is to display the Morse code of the character being entered on screen and display the Morse code of the character being played on screen. I think I can savely leave these to interested individuals that want to do so.

I don’t even need a flowchart, the program is simple take input->play it->loop

Here’s a video:

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