Phi_prompt new version soon

I am revising phi_prompt library to hopefully make the following features available in the next release, two days from now:

  1. Support 20X4 character screen with more flexible “2X2” list mode so you can list M columns by N rows with X  characters per row, all M, N, and X are your choice (Done)
  2. List your “2X2” list anywhere on a larger screen instead of the basic 16X2 screen (Done)
  3. Easy to call “YES/NO” dialog.(Planning)
  4. Easy to display “YES/NO”, “HIGH/LOW” options for numerical inputs so you don’t have to construct a list and do it the list way.(Planning)
  5. Add scrolling texts that scrolls to fit in smaller space (Done)
  6. Add floating point number input (Done)
  7. Add event function so each time the user changes a number, a function is called to update operations (planning)
  8. Add dialog functions to make a dialog. This function creates a complete dialog with various controls and the user uses left and right keys to navigate among the controls and change their values. It is going to look like a dialog on your computer. You make some choices and push yes. (planning)

Check back in a couple of days!

Here is a teaser:

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