More update to the new phi_prompt library

Here is a teaser showing off scrolling text areas using phi_prompt library that I will release soon. The text area can be any size and be displayed anywhere (no clipping on the display edge!). You also have the option to sacrifice a whole column of characters to display a DOS-looking scroll bar, tailored to the size of your text area and text length! Here you go mowcius!

The top line is just a fixed text output so it doesn’t scroll.

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  1. Hi is there a way to use a rotary encoder as a 3 function button (up-down-select) to navigate in your menu ?

    • liudr says:

      So I imagine your rotary encoder is clickable so you can rotate up, down, and click the shaft, right? Just hook the forward pulse as “up”, reverse pulse as “down” and click as “enter”.

      Use this as buttons definition:

      phi_buttons btn_1(encoder_up_pulse_pin, LOW);
      phi_buttons btn_2(encoder_down_pulse_pin, LOW);
      phi_buttons btn_3(btn_null, LOW);
      phi_buttons btn_4(btn_null, LOW);
      phi_buttons btn_5(encoder_click_pin, LOW);
      phi_buttons btn_6(btn_null, LOW);
      phi_buttons *btns_1[]={&btn_1,&btn_2,&btn_3,&btn_4,&btn_5,&btn_6};

      If it works, will you get back to me? Thanks.

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