Arduino forum on mobile devices pros and cons

I have been using mobile devices to view arduino forum lately and found the following things I’d like to share. Please add more if you have any:

1) ipad: views the forum fine. You can scroll code inserts with two fingers nicely. Just typing is difficult since it has not rumble function to feedback. Switching between windows on safari (default browser) will likely result in refresh and loss of your unfinished post. Spell check is less bearable than others but you can turn it off.

2) android phone: depending on the browser. I never used the included broswer (HTC inspire) and went straight for skyfire. On skyfire, you can’t scroll the code inserts at all. Switching between windows didn’t seem to refresh as often as ipad but who knows. Rumble feedback is nice and spell check is bearable but you can’t turn it off so good luck typing codes. You can handpick the first letter to kind of stop the spell check for the word though. If you use firefox, you can easily scroll the code inserts and the browser has been working fine since a few days ago when I downloaded it. I’ll be using it more often than skyfire.

3) blackberry: occasionally I had to use it (blackberry torch) to browse the forum. It is quite crude but useable. Actually the on screen mouse cursor is quite neat and helps a lot on picking tiny links on a smaller screen. Scroll is not smooth. You can scroll code inserts but it is testing your patience. The lack of screen response is complemented by the mouse cursor. I wish an android phone has one of those cause touching sometimes is just not accurate with fingers.

What do think? Too much time spent on forum?  😀

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