phi_prompt 1.0 beta release

I am happy to release the beta version of the phi_prompt library. There are sample codes to get you started while I work on adding a few functions for beginner programmers and finishing the documentation. Except for the init function, everything is the same as the 523 version. Now it’s compatible with arduino 1.0 and uses phi_interfaces library as the physical layer for inputs.

Library download includes phi_prompt, phi_interfaces, sample codes, and modified TinyGPS (by Mike Hart) to run on arduino 1.0:

GPS logger program version 5 is also available if you have a phi-2 shield 2004 and a GPS module:

2 Responses to phi_prompt 1.0 beta release

  1. hyrum says:

    Great work! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Its going to make a lot of cool projects easy/possible.

    • liudr says:

      Got the simple functions ready and documented. These are for starters so they can just do:
      No shame for more advanced users to do this if they are not concerned with absolutely controlling every feature of a list/menu 😉
      Now using a rotary encoder as up and down is easy as hell. I’ll think about the quick list+number input combo you suggested a while back. I may have to release a special version just for this feature.

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