Thank you for donating!

Thanks to all your interest in my library codes. Today I have received my first donation for supplying these library source codes to Arduino community (actually two donations today!). I am setting up a list of donors for my library donation to thank these individuals and companies. At the moment, I will be just using initial letters and country of origin. If you are a donor and would like more details listed, please leave a comment here or on the donation page. I also encourage you to leave a website or project page as well. Again thank you!

Update: 02/17/2012 One more donation has been made ! Thanks you! Your name initials are on the donors’ list now!

4 Responses to Thank you for donating!

  1. Sandy Mathieu says:

    I was wondering if you would consider a contract job if I supplied the menu structure I needed?

    • liudr says:

      Sure I will consider. Please specify the display you will use and the menu content so I can make an estimate. Also, tell me a bit about your project. I’ll email you with a list of info I will need.

      Best, Liudr

      • Sandy Mathieu says:

        Thanks, great where can I forward a word doc to you for your review.

      • liudr says:

        Thanks. I’ve sent you a sample multi-level menu and visualization. You can just edit the menu. Please DO specify the size of your display and whether there is some restrictions on memory usage. Best,

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