CPU trading continues

I have been trading my arduino hardware kits for vintage CPUs. I’m glad that it continues to bring me vintage CPUs and my kits to those that need them. So once again, if you have vintage computer processors, Pentium or older, I am interested in trading my kits with yoru vintage processors. Here is the last trade I made:

cpu trade Nov 2012The top center processor is an IBM blue lightning 486 processor. It is the first in my collection. I still don’t know what the small chip is.

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  1. I would be interested in trading older processors(Pentium Pro, 386/387, maybe even 8-bit processors such as 8080 or 65xx/68xx) for a 4×20 LCD with keypad shield in order to complete construction of the automated fermentor that my students and I are building for the University.

  2. rikuguntakeda says:

    still collecting them ?

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