Rotary encoder keypad for phi-panel

phi-panel-backpack-keypad collage-1-small

Here is some information for the rotary encoder keypad for phi-panel:

There are two sizes, 20X4 and 16X2.


  • Laser-cut 3mm-thick glossy/matte black acrylic face plate with window to mount a 20X4 or 16X2 character LCD and a rotary encoder and push buttons. You choose which side to use, glassy or matte. Brown/white color is removable protective layer on both sides.
  • One rotary encoder with click-able shaft
  • 6 tactile buttons with black caps
  • 8 short standoffs for LCD and keypad circuit board, 4 long standoffs for the face plate, 12 screws and 12 nuts, all M3 in size
  • 6 button covers in case you want to cover up the button holes you don’t use
  • PCB for the rotary encoder and 6 buttons

Initial tests are all positive with phi-panel functions with new firmware. The rotary encoder really makes it so much easier to quickly scroll through a long list or increase and decrease numbers quickly.

It took me forever to make those white connectors. The female crimp end was so hard to make that if you add just a bit too much solder the spring is soldered on and can’t accept pins. These are not the best ways to connect the keypad to phi-panels. I did it only because I want to switch between keypads between photos and videos so I don’t have to tie up two assembled panels with keypads.

In the kit, I included regular male headers. You can simply solder wires to the pins or use male headers and wire wrap to the pins for connection, much easier than the white wafer connectors.

I am writing documents for these keypads but you can already purchase these kits and tinker with them. It’s pretty easy to hook them up to phi-panels or your arduino in case you don’t want a phi-panel.

Here are some videos:

Still shots:

20X4 kit

phi-panel backpack 20X4 rotary encoder keypad front long menu angle

phi-panel backpack 20X4 rotary encoder keypad back

16X2 kit

phi-panel backpack 16X2 rotary encoder keypad front long message menu

phi-panel backpack 16X2 rotary encoder keypad back

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