Phi-panel 20X4 kit available again

Sorry the Phi-panel 20X4 panel kit was unavailable for a while. I’ve made some updates to the board. Here is a picture of the board:

This is the back side:
2017-02-28-20-42-57Notice that the push buttons are all surface mount buttons. The have low profile and are a bit different from the old buttons with a thicker profile and black plunger.

Also most other components are surface-mounted.

The kit will have all surface-mounted components pre-assembled but the following parts still need your assembly:

LCD’s pins, 6-pin female header on back side, and the speaker. You also have to adjust the potentiometer to get proper contrast.

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  1. andrew o neill says:

    hi, im currently building a gps and gsm tracking device. I have a arduino gsm shield from the arduino website and a IES GPS shield (i2c communications that uses scl and sda instead of tx and rx). I have code for both and its working so far, but now i want to buy one of your lcd keypad back pad kits. I already have a 20×4 i2c Lcd and a 4×4 membrane keypad. Will my shields work with one of your LCD back packs? which one would you recommend? and lastly, how did you transfer your gps data to google maps or gps visualizer?

    • andrew o neill says:

      i dont have to use my keypad, i was looking at the Phi-3 shield and i watched the youtube video. It’s looks the part and would be perfect if it worked for me. Would it work with my GPS shield, and how would you connect it. Thanks

    • liudr says:


      Sorry for the delay. I saw all your posts. Here is my summary:
      If you already have two shields and want to stack a third shield, it would not be too good looking or easy to operate. I would recommend a separate keyboard LCD panel so you can keep your arduino and shields inside an enclosure and mount the keyboard LCD panel on the box top to interact with user.

      Do you need 16X2 or 20X4? I have LCD keypad panels that are very easy to use. Here is a link:

      You can connect 4X4 keypads to them and easily render menus (one line of code) and get number entries. I have sample code. You can also use alternate firmware and other button layout:

      The devices only support regular LCD, not I2C LCD.

  2. andrew o neill says:

    hi, there was no link posted. I want to use a 20×4 LCD. If it’s easier i can just buy the whole kit off you including the LCD and everything, i’m sure any spare parts i have will come useful in the future. If you can send me a link for one that i can buy now, it would be greatly appreciated. (also i will only be stacking the gsm shield to arduino and connecting the gps shield via wires).

  3. andrew o neill says:

    i’d rather buy a fully assembled kit from you, that i know is perfectly working and ready to use. Saves me a lot of hassle and problems right now. Thanks

  4. andrew o neill says:

    sorry i forgot to add, i have a sd card module that ill be connecting to it as well to save my GPS data and a 4×4 keypad membrane matrix if all this is possible. or if you have a shield that i can use that can already do all this. Sorry for being a pain but If you can reply as soon as you can, it would be greatly appreciated. I need to buy this product ASAP. Thank you

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