How do you analyze soil data?

That was actually a question from one of my customers. To be honest, I’m a physicist and engineer. I wish I knew more about soil science and agriculture but I’m open to anyone who is willing to share some knowledge. My basic understanding is if you can measure dielectric permittivity with the sensor. Then you can calculate volumetric water content with formulas the sensor manufacturers provide, for a few typical types of soil. Or you make your own calibration with your own soil, such as using a different method to measure VWC (baking the soil dry?) and correlate with dielectric permittivity so you develop your own formula. More specifically the question was about METER Group Teros 12 sensor. If you use this sensor or something similar, could you share a few lines of how you get VWC and/or other data from it? Any reference materials to point to? Thank you!

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