Starting a weather station at

So this summer I’m thinking about starting a weather station at, after someone contacted me about possibly doing theirs with a MEGER Group weather station. So in order to post your own weather data, you need to register and add a device. There is a relatively old (3yr) tutorial on raspberry pi. Much has changed but it may still be useful if you go through it just to see what will be involved:

Anyway, here is a more updated but short version:

  1. Go to and register an account:
  2. Under “My Profile” you will find my devices:

3. Add a new weather station. Choose device as Raspberry pi and let the system choose default values for the rest. I gave a 5ft weather station height. Probably higher is better but again I don’t have a weather station yet.

Now under your devices you will se a device ID and a key. You will be able to use this information to post your data. Here is an example of the posting address that you can put in Python or just in your web browser:
Just replace XXXX and YYYY with your own wunderground weather station information and say post your humidity data, place the whole line in your web browser and you should get a success if everything is correct. You could add more more data with the & symbol between them, such as humidity=40&tempf=70 to post both humidity and temperature (in Deg F)

Here is a recent post that has all the different weather information you could post:

So my next step is to get some outdoor temperature and moisture sensors whether they are compatible with my SDI-12 adapter or not. I can run a separate Python script to post to and to for soil data. Stay tuned!

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